MMIAA Hearing: Thursday Nov. 9th

Make your voice heard on the Medical Marijuana Improvement Amendment Act.

What is the MMIAA?

The Medical Marijuana Improvement Amendment Act of 2017 is a bill in the DC Council that could become law with enough support from patients like you.


Tired of having to see a doctor every year just to keep getting your medicine?

The bill will allow you to self-certify that you need medical cannabis. All you have to do is sign a form every year to renew your card. No more doctor visits.

Legal Delivery

In pain and have difficulty visiting MWC in person?

The bill will allow dispensaries to deliver all of our cannabis products straight to your door. Get your medicine without leaving the comfort of your home.

Safe Use Facilities

Is where you live unfriendly to residents using cannabis?

The bill will allow dispensaries to open safe use facilities, where you will be free to use medical cannabis. No more living in fear of your landlord.

What Can I Do?

Send your thoughts on the bill to the DC Council. Tell them about your issues with the current medical marijuana program, and why easier access to medical cannabis will improve your life.

Want to Really Make Your Voice Heard?

Testify in person at the upcoming public hearing.

Thursday, November 9, 2017
11 am

John A. Wilson Building
Room 412

If you with to testify to the DC Council, please email or tell us in person next time you visit MWC.

Each person will be given 3 minutes to speak.